Infection Code was born in 1999. In 2000 the five piece release the acclaimed EP “H.I.V. 999” with four songs revealing the band's cutting edge personality. After several live shows Infection Code focused on their debut album "Life Continuity Point" released in 2001. On the album they carried on their courageous project becoming one of the fore-fronting bands in the Italian scene.

Shortly after finishing the full-length, two members departed ways leaving Infection Code to persist forward. Finding the additional element as a replacement former leader of post thrashers Arcadia, Demetrio Scopelliti enters the group.


In 2003 Infection Code are chosen to play a french tribute to Godflesh's song Nails shortly thereafter the recording of the song Demetrios departed ways in his replacement the band recruited guitarist Davide who brought fresh ideas to the mix.
From the underground post-core sound, noted from the very early days of the band, is mixed with electronic innovations and explodes now with a larger than life roar. This is “Sterile” the new album out in 2004.


Presently the band is in the process of writing new material for their new album entitled “INTIMACY”. An album that opens a new sonic chapter where experimental noise meets the sickness and the feelings of human beings. Recording sessions start in January 2007 and the release date is scheduled for an fall 2007 unleashing.

“Intimacy” will be produced by BILLY ANDERSON famous engineer of such masterpieces as NEUROSIS-Through Silver In Blood and MELVINS-Houdini at Lowered Studios in San Francisco, California. Meantime the band signs a worldwide deal with Beyond Productions with a distribution on Masterpiece Distribution.


Infection Code signs a deal with US label KNVBI Records for a limited edition vinyl out on October 2007.

After many show in Italy and around the Europe the band write the new album. A full immersion in psychedelic and noise scene. From here was born “Fine” fifth album of the band. Recorded at the Green Fog Studios and produced by Eraldo Bernocchi.
In 2012 afetr nine years Davide left the band and the place as took by Paolo a talent and creative guitar man . Meantime, the band signs a deal with Subsound records for a split album with the Deflore. A limited edition 12” vinyl. The three song about this split are recorded at the Green Fog Studios and it be produced by Eraldo Bernocchi.


Actually the band is writing new stuff for the upcoming new album. Recording sessions will start in January 2014 at the Greenfog Studio in Genoa. For the first time in their career, Infection Code use Italian lyrics for a concept album. The album will be titled ‘La dittatura del rumore’.

‘La dittatura del rumore’ have received many good reviews and feedbacks from most important European metal magazines and webzines.

In 2015 to celebrate the fifteen years old, the band with the cooperate with Argonauta Records print an EP with new four songs and a video documentary titled ’00-15: l’avanguardia industriale’.


The band continue the live activity with many gigs around Italy and some gigs in Europe. In Autumn 2016 Infection Code decide to dedicate one year to rehearse and create the sixth album.


Eight songs that testify the Infection Code sound near to industrial metal and some thrash metal influences. The album titled ‘Dissenso’ was recorded at Archensel Studios in Asti and it will be out in February 2018 for Argonauta Records. After some gigs to support Dissenso the line-up is changed. Rust on guitars and Davide on bass replace Enrico and Paolo.


Ricky will take care about electronics  and noise manipulations.


After six months of hard rehearsals, eight songs are ready for the new album titled 'IN.R.I'. The album will be composed of around fifty minutes of music where the industrial matrix remains a trademark but there will be a preponderant return to thrash and death metal.


The desire for a return to the origins combined with the creative input of newcomers, have generated a handful of songs that recall sounds close to bands such as Carcass, Red Harvest, Meshuggah and Strapping Young Lad, while maintaining the personality that has characterized the noise history of Infection Code. Recordings will start in April at The Cat'scage Recording Studios with the cooperation of the producer Francesco Salvadeo.


The album will be released in October 2019 by Argonauta Records. Meantime the band signed a deal to Leynir Booking Agency to arrange some gigs to promote the album. In three weeks the album, titled “In.R.I.”, is finished. After the recording sessions, Rust leaves the band and he is replaced by Max.  "In.R.I" gets some good responses and good reviews from italian and foreign specilized press.


Unfortunately the band  cant to plays somme few gigs as a result of the pandemic situation that follows a  lockdown. During this period the band choose, with many difficult but a great inner strength, to write and play new songs.


In this background is born the new album titled "Alea Iacta Est". The recording sessions started in August 2021 at The Cat's Cage Recording Studios by Francesco Salvadeo.


The album will be released by Argonauta Records in late spring of 2022. After the recording sessions, Max left the band due to personal reasons and  Chris joined the band.



H.I.V. 999 EP - 2000 (Self-produced) Mcd

Life Continuity Point - 2002 (2kk Records) CD

Sterile - 2004 (NewLm Production - Crotalo) CD

Intimacy-2007 (Beyond Prod/Masterpiece Distribution) CD

Intimacy - 2007 (KNVBIRecords) LP

Fine -2010 ( NewLm/Masterpiece distribution) CD

Subsound Series vol 1-2013 (Subsound/Goodfellas) LP

La dittatura del rumore -2014 (Argonauta records- Goodfellas) CD

00-15: l’avanguardia industriale -2015 (Argonauta records- Goodfellas) CD

Dissenso -2018 (Argonauta records- Goodfellas) CD

In.R.I. -2019 (Argonauta Records- Goodfellas) CD

In.R.I. -2021 (Reborn Through Tapes Records ) MC Limited edition

Alea Iacta Est - 2022 (Argonauta Records - Goodfellas) CD





“Freash Meat Vol.1” (Ferox Records - UK, ) - “The Garbage”

“Hate Sound System” (Fray Records - ITA) - “Manipulated”

“Drhone” (Nadir Music - ITA) - “Aphasic”

“PsychoSonic. Vol. 16” (Psycho! Magazine - ITA) - “Martyr Millenium”

“Wild Metal Compilation” (Wild zine - ITA) - “The Garbage”

“Mephisto issue # 2” (Beyond magazine - BEL) - “Martyr Millenium”

“Godflesh Tribute” (Nihilistic record - FRA) - “Nail”

“Metalmine Vol. 2” (STD Distribution - ITA) - “Manipulated”

“Rebirth mp3 compilation” (Hate TV - ITA) - “Aphasic”



Andrea: Bass

Chris:  Guitars

Gabriele: vocals

Ricky: Drums & Percussions & Elettronics


Carmine: Sound engineer



We have shared the stage with:


 Cult of Luna, Sadist, Extrema, The Ocean, Zeni Geva, Genghis Tron, Ufomammut, Altar of Plague, Glacial Fear, Raw Power,Eyehategod, Nibiru, Cripple Bastards and many other bands.



Influences: Godflesh, Ministry, Neurosis, Meshuggah, Carcass, Red Harvest, Prodigy, Marillion, Today is the Day, Brutal Truth, Depeche Mode, NIN, King Crimson, Napalm Death, Pitch Shifter, Kreator, Slayer, Sepultura, Fear Factory.








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